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Nothing will benefit human health and increase the chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.
- Albert Einstein

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Tulsi Ethnopharmacology in Vrindhavan with Satya Narayana Das and Prashanti

In order to establish a ritual of True Wellness Sustainability into their culture the wise and compassionate Saints of various traditions with the Ancient continent of India would give guidance in terms of the Sanctity of Life. If something was incredibly good for you and helped your bodymind be a terrain for spiritual advancement to the benefit of all beings, then that item was considered sacred and was involved in all the descriptions of the ancient myths and legends. So it is with Tulsi. Tulsi is such an invaluable principle of personal and global sustainability that this ally today is revered as the Plant even botanists call Ocimum sanctum.

Tulsi comes from the root 'To measure' and here, the highly respected Pundit Satya Narayana Das of the Jiva Institute in Vrindhavan, talks about why Tulsi is 'the incomparable one,' one with no measurable equal, the herb that invokes balance in all levels within this Sanctity of Life that we Are, All Of Us!

As an Ethnopharmacologist, of course I delight in this, as I know that Tulsi has been proven to be one of the greatest adaptogens around, an herb that promotes the balance systemically to enable us to 'adapt' to any outside change or stress. So Satya Narayana Das is telling us here that the Ancient traditions knew very well that Tulsi was an Adaptogen, and hence gave her the name Tulsi, 'the one who gives balance.'

Also check out the mantras that go with this herb. The mantras are basically constant reminders for us to engage in personal and global sustainability daily! Another wonderful tool to take care of people that arises out of the wisdom and compassion of the ancient saints of India. Vishnu, to whom Tulsi is so sacred, can be seen as the Cosmic Principle of Sustainability. Tulsi is sacred to THAT!

I am so radically honored to be able to help bring Tulsi to the World!

Om RadheShyam, I bow to the union of all opposites woven with Love. May there be peace and love among all beings of the Universe!

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