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Sunday, June 19, 2011

World's oldest religion honors Mother Goddess and nature

World's oldest religion honors Mother Goddess and nature

n a PSB Home Video series, "The Story of India," historian Dr. Michael Wood discusses the migration of the first humans out of Africa some 70,000 years ago, arriving on the fertile shores of southern India, where they began to flourish and spread throughout most of the world. As Wood says:

"And all non-Africans on the planet can trace their descent from those early migrations into India. The rest of the world was populated from here. Mother India, indeed."

Discussing the roots of human culture, Wood remarks:

"Languages and religions came only later, and they too are always subject to change. But here in the south, they've passed down humanity's oldest religion too. In the great temple of Madurai they still worship the female principle, the Mother Goddess, as Indian people have done, for tens of thousands of years. Andalongside her are countless other deities that link humanity with the magical power of the natural world. Over the ages thousands of gods will emerge, always adding to what had been before, so the roots of Indian religion too will grow over a vast period of time, as India's expression of the multiplicity of the universe. Here, the Divine is not Onefold but millions."

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