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Monday, October 31, 2011

Planet Earth

This blog has no religious affiliation and seeks to record interesting or inspiring materials from many angles on the big questions, "Where do we come from?  and Where do we go?"  Throughout history men have attempted to give us meaningful answers to these questions in myths, legends and religions.

Creation Calls -- are you listening? Music by Brian Doerksen - YouTube: "

Music by Brian Doerksen

Go buy the "Planet Earth" series DVD collection!

Utilizing footage from the BBC Planet Earth Series, we take a look at the wonder and majesty of God's creation. Set to the song, "Creation Calls" by Brian Doerksen, this stunning glimpse of God's masterpiece is meant to glorify Him and draw the mind to new places of intimacy with Him.

The video was used in conjunction with the series of messages, "Blueprint" from Chris Seidman. In the series he discusses the subject of God's plan for His creation. The message "Creation Calls" can be viewed here:,100000002,15


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