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Friday, September 26, 2014

Chogyam Trungpa

Chogyam Trungpa would have been 75 years old now.

For a rich wealth of Trungpa materials - see here (Shambhala), here (the Chronicles Project) and here (the Chogyam Trungpa Legacy Project)

not forgetting his pivotal role in establishing "the first fully-accredited Buddhist-inspired university in America" - Naropa

A selection from Johanna Demetrakas' 2011 documentary - Crazy Wisdom - The Life and Times of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche may be viewed here

Here's, on the occasion of his birthday, footage of Trungpa, from 1975 - Surrendering Your Aggression


Uploaded on Oct 17, 2010

Aggression not in the sense of that you're angry, you keep on loosing temper. But aggression in the sense of fundamental obstacle. ...surrendering, seems to be the only way to overcome aggression.
Naropa University 1975
©1975 by Diana J. Mukpo.

Shambhala Web Site: Vision - Lineage - Meditation - Community at

50 Best Quotes, Photos: Chögyam Trungpa, Buddhist meditation teacher
Shambhala Sun "Today's leading Buddhist magazine, bringing a contemplative view to all the important issues in life." Extensive archives.
Buddhadharma "An in-depth, practice-oriented publication for Buddhists of all traditions." Online is "information on each issue including brief excerpts from many articles."

Shambhala is a global community. There are more than 200 centers and groups around the world, as well as thousands of individual members.

Shambhala web site: Vision - Lineage - Meditation - Community at more video (and audio) lectures are available here on the Chronicles site.

Shambhala released  The Collected Works of Chogyam Trunpa Rinpoche (edited by Carolyn Rose Gimian) in eight individual volumes. 

Carolyn Rose Gimian also collaborated with Diana J Mukpo (Trungpa's wife - they married when she was a mere sixteen) on her revealing, candid and intimate memoir, Dragon Thunder.

By the way, this weekend (Sunday March 2nd) sees the start of the Tibetan New Year, Shambhala Day or Losar, auspicious, we hope - goodbye to the Year of the Water Snake!, hello to the Year of the Wood Horse! 


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