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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Bible and Koran Studied Together

By making accessible the texts of the Christian and Islamic holy books, hopes to encourage study of both sources and promote mutual understanding

The Bible

The Bible is the Christian holy book. The word Bible is derived from the Greek word biblia, which means books. The Bible comprises a series of separate books and scriptures of varying length and style, which take the form of stories, both in prose and poetry. They were written by 40 different authors over a period of around 1,000 years.

The Bible is divided into two parts.
- The Old Testament, also known as the Hebrew Bible or Tanach. Most of it was written in Hebrew with the exception of a few passages in Aramaic. This is also the holy book of the Jews.
- The New Testament was written in the Greek vernacular by the first Christians.

The books of the Old Testament have their origin in the pre-Christian era. The books of the New Testament were written between 50 and 150 AD. The Protestant Bible has 66 books, whereas the Catholic Bible has 73.

To many Christians, the Bible is the word of God. This is not intended to mean that God himself wrote or dictated the texts word for word, but rather that God speaks through the words of the Biblical authors. What they wrote is what God wanted to tell people. In that sense, the Bible is God’s revelation to man.


The Qur’an is the holy book of the Muslims. The Arabic word qur’an means recitation or to recite. To Muslims, recitation is an important aspect of their religion: the words of the Qur’an are thought to have healing and protective powers.

According to Muslims was the text of the Qur’an revealed to the Prophet Mohammed (Ca. 571-632) by the angel Jibril (Gabriel) between 610 and 632. His followers learned the texts by heart and wrote down fragments on pieces of parchment, wood and bone. It is believed that Mohammed himself could neither read or write.

When Caliph Uthman ibn Affan collected the texts around the year 650, the surahs (chapters) were arranged roughly according to their length. As a result, the Qur’an has no chronological order. The shortest surah has 3 ayat (verses), the longest 286. The Qur’an has a total of 114 surahs, comprising 6,226 ayat.

The Qur’an has great significance across the Muslim world. It is the infallible word of God. A translation of the Qur’an from the Arabic is seen by most Muslims as less than authentic because translation automatically equals interpretation.

Bible and Qur’an

The Qur’an and Islam came into being later than the Bible and Christianity, which means the Bible has no references to the Qur’an or Muslims. However, the Quranic texts sometimes do refer to Biblical stories, such as the Surah Yusuf, which relates part of the book of Genesis. The Qur’an also speaks highly of the first five
books of the Tenach, the Torah (Tawrat) the Psalms (Zabur) and the Gospels (Injil).


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