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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Quotes: Courage to Be by Paul Tillich

Courage to Be
  • experience of the power of being which is present even in the face of the most radical manifestation of non being.
  • vitality in man is proportional to intentionality.
  • vitality that can stand the abyss of meaninglessness is aware of a hidden meaning within the destruction of meaning.
  • absolute faith is the dependence of the experience of nonbeing on the experience on being and the dependence of the experience of meaninglessness on the experience of meaning. even in the state of despair one has enough being to make despair possible.
  • absolute faith, the acceptance of being accepted. Of course, in the state of despair there is nobody and nothing that accepts. But there is the power of acceptance itself which is experienced. Meaninglessness, as long as it is experienced, includes an experience of the "power of acceptance". To accept this power of acceptance consciously is the religious answer of absolute faith, of a faith which has been deprived by doubt of any concrete content, which nevertheless is faith and the source of the most paradoxical manifestation of the courage to be.
  • The courage to be is rooted in the God who appears when God disappears in the anxiety of doubt.

*Bust of Paul Johannes Tillich by James Rosati in New Harmony, Indiana, U.S.A.

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