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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Misconduct In The (Yoga) World

Elena Brower: Art Of Attention: Misconduct In The (Yoga) World  

( Excerpts)

"2002. Inner Harmony Retreat, Southern -  John Friend was at his finest, delivering the most crystalline teachings both physically and philosophically.

We were having consistent, deep experiences of our hearts and felt strong both individually and as a community on that mountaintop.

Profoundly inspired, we brought those hours and pages of learning home to our local communities... 

Since then, John Friend created for himself a powerful position and amidst his stellar teaching, made some unfortunately destructive choices over the years.

After his disgruntled I.T. guy recently posted his salacious electronic interactions for all the world to see, everything in the Anusara community began to crumble.

Within the context of that disintegration, it's become apparent that within the community of teachers, there were two discernible camps.

As you'll see, one of the "camps" knew less and were definitely more "in the dark" about the "real" John than others of us.

Together, we were a dedicated group of assiduously studious teachers who chose to be there and truly did make an impact in the world of yoga.

We received an incredibly rich and precise education, and in the language of the heart, we all found our voices and made real careers out of our work, and that felt so true for a long time.

The Two "Camps" Within Anusara 

There were the ones in John's closer circle who "knew" of his penchant for women, partying
 and fun were not shocked to see that evidence .

Then there were the ones who had absolutely no idea about any of it.
 Those folks are devastated at John's breach of ethics and morals.

.They're understandably disappointed to hear that he cheated on his girlfriends repeatedly, lied to so many about his dealings and whereabouts as certain relationships ended and others began.

For them, this is irreparably difficult, extremely sad, and truly the breakdown of a deeply-set paradigm in their lives both personally and professionally, with potentially far-reaching financial implications.

There was some fairly erratic teaching and seemingly incongruous commentaries as well. Shortly after the time that John unveiled his new philosophical model of "Shiva-Shakti Tantra," there was also a shift in the business model, it seemed:

We were notified that we'd all be obliged to give him first creative say in any products we made going forward and then 10 percent of any revenue we generate from said products."

YogaDork helped expose the hippocrit....
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